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Headphone Jacks, Apple and Innovation Problems

If we were to tell you a year ago that the biggest news to come out of the Apple launch for the new iPhone was the fact that it did not have a headphone jack, you would have thought we were crazy. Let’s face it, if you had told anyone this, nine out of ten people would have told you that you had some agenda against Apple, and that the company would never do something so bizarre. But the truth is that they did make such a move, and it upset a lot of people. It also overshadowed from any positive things that may have come out of the product launch as well.

Yes, a lot of people still went out and bought the iPhone, but as you can see at, many others were really unhappy at the decision to dump the headphone jack. And we must ask, did the dumping of the headphone jack even make a difference to the phone? Is it considerably lighter or thinner because of not having the jack? The answer is no. And for those who need an adapter to use their regular headphones, the move has made the entire phone apparatus even more complicated and bulky than it was before.

In many ways, Apple is in a situation where they need to keep making some type of innovation or big changes to stay at the top of the market. But unlike during the Steve Jobs era, when the changes they were making were positive and really did have a good impact on the devices and the consumers who were using those devices, these changes do not seem to have the same impact. They seem to take place because the company feels the need to make a change, not because they are directly going to help the consumers who have these devices in any positive way.