Why more and more men need hormone replacement therapy today

The fact that more and more men do need hormone replacement therapy today, more than would have been the case in the past, is not entirely the fault of today’s twenty-first century men. Many of today’s men have already made a good transition towards erasing previously sedentary and unwholesome lifestyles and adopting the good advice of their doctors to lead healthy and active lives. They do their regular exercise.

And they try to eat as healthily as possible. And this is where the problems seem to exacerbate. Healthy food choices, that is to say, entirely healthy food choices, are not always possible. There still seems to be the unavoidable occurrence of purchasing processed foodstuffs which still contain far too many artificial hormone stimulants, sugars and chemicals that can lead to their hormone deficiencies which result in a number of symptoms.

Then there is the unavoidable conundrum of ageing. This is something that cannot ever be held back. Or can it. It has been proved that specifically tailored hormone replacement therapy for men can make a contribution towards compensating for the inevitable and widespread symptoms of ageing. As the man’s body ages, the amount of testosterone begins to decline rapidly. It can drastically alter the healthy ratio of testosterone and estrogen in the body.

The supply of aromatase stimulates the increased conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Low testosterone levels lead to an increase in abdominal fat. The reduction of testosterone increases the male body’s tendency to store fat within the abdomen. Other symptoms can include tiredness (fatigue, lethargy), stress and anxiety and even depression. Perhaps of greatest concern to able bodied men is the reduction of bodily and muscular strength as well as a lack of sexual prowess.

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